Features published this year.

Scottish Islands Explorer - "A short hop to Papa" (January), A piece of Australia on Mull " (September), "A resting place of the kings" (November).

essential Arb - "Planty - The green circle of Krakow" (February), "From printing to pruning" (August), "Four Shires" (August), "Jagiellonian University botanic gardens" (November), Three heads are better than one" (November).

Forestry Journal - "Just an old fashioned woodcutter" (February), "Sawmilling on the banks of the Dee" (February), "From the forest to the fireplace" (March), "JCC Group acquire A&B Services" (June), "Treeline Woodlands Ltd - The complete package" (July), "Living Solutions" (July), "GM Forestry - A family business" (September), "A change of direction" (September), "High expectations from Hyundai High Walker" (October), "Happy in the woods" (October), CARVE 2017 - A dragon trained to win" (October).

Ships Monthly - "A palace on the seas" (April), "A great British ship" (May).

East Lothian -  "Heritage, culture and vibrancy with a Gaelic twist" (March), "A city for the history and reflection" (August), " East Lothian railways of the past" (August), "Boston for Founding Fathers, freedom Trails and leaf peeping" (October), East Lothian railways of the past - The North Berwick branch" (October), East Lothian railways of the past - Gifford & Garvald line (November).












Features due to be published in  Forestry Journal, essential ARB, Scottish Islands Explorer, East Lothian Life, Ships Monthly.