Features published this year.

Forestry Journal - "K2 - Modern Sawmilling & Quick Fire Q&A with John Hayes" (January), "Supporting Student Success" & Logs'n'Stuff  (February).

Scottish Islands Explorer - "St Magnus Cathedral" (January), "From Oban and Orkney to an Edinburgh Berth" & "A Peedie Tour of Papay" (February), "Orkney - On Film and in the Can" (May).

Ships Monthly - "From Supply Ship to Floating Hotel" (February)," Silent Hunter"  (March), "HMS Illustrious - An Innovative carrier" (May).

East Lothian Life -  " 30 Year of East Lothian Life" (March).

essential ARB -  "A Lifetime Working with Trees"  (February), "Memories of the Great Storm", "Lord of the Trees"  (April).









Features due to be published in  Forestry Journal, essential ARB, Scottish Islands Explorer, East Lothian Life, Ships Monthly.