Features published this year.

Scottish Memories - "Building Collections" (January), "Memories on Ice" (February), "The Glory Days of Turnball's Tornadoes" (March), "We are all off to the Seaside" (July).

Scottish Islands Explorer - "The Ba' Games (January), "The Building of the Churchill Barriers" (March), "Scuttled for Duty" (May), "Weeping Window and the Battle of Jutland" (July).

Women Together - "A Boats Eye View of the Big Apple" (February).

essential Arb - "Arboroculture without the Stress" (February), "Scottish Trees of Note and Interest" (February), Central park - NY" (May).

Forestry Journal - "Walk Tall" (February).

Ships Monthly - "No Blame Attributed - The Loss of HMS Vanguard". (June) 













Features due to be published in  Forestry Journal, essential ARB, Scottish Islands Explorer, Scottish Memories, East Lothian Life, Ships Monthly.